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                Educational Research
                China Hi-Tech Group has established diversified, broad and close cooperation with university shareholders. It provides approaches to transform academic and scientific research achievements to practical applications. Initiated and established by the group, China Hi-Tech Institute of Global Education and Development focuses on education industry, concerns about development issues in education field, integrate high-quality education resources at home and abroad actively and aims at constructing a high-end think tank for Chinese education industry.

                Advisory Committee

                The institute has an advisory committee database of almost 500 leading experts in education field, including educational administrators, top educational researchers, educational practitioners and investors. By organizing and engaging in interactive activities of experts interview, workshops and saloons of various forms and perspectives, and cooperating in thematic research, the institute promotes educational research to be transformed to practical applications.

                Industry Communication

                The institute organizes annual EDGE pioneering education saloons, exclusive sessions and large-scale education summits/forums in an effort to promote successful practices in education industry, converge industry operational intelligence, and provide exchange and communication opportunities for education practitioners.

                Industry Research

                By integrating industrial information and resources, the institute has been exploring industrial practices. For the group, the institutes' industrial analysis reports provide industry information and support for the group’s strategic development and decision ***. For external parties, the institute cooperates with university shareholders in forms of entrusted projects in researching practical issues, promotes two-way integration of supply and demand between industry and education and helps to build cooperation and communication system in education industry.

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