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                Educational Training Service
                China Hi-Tech Group fully leverages intelligent resources and abundant research achievements of university shareholders, integrates world’s top academic resources, establishes governmental management colleges with local government to help improve civil servants’ vocational competence and increase government public affair management and service capability. In response to local governments’ demands for education reform and development, the group integrates first-class resources of renowned educational universities at home and abroad, as well as international education cooperation institutions, combines the scientific strength of China Hi-Tech Institute of Global Education and Development and the online education platform of China Hi-Tech Group, provides local government and schools with comprehensive education solutions, including assessment and planning, investigation and researches, online and offline training and resources alignment. It aims to improve the quality of teaching faculty, achieve connotative improvement and push forward comprehensive education reform in local areas. For industries providing services to high net value individuals, such as large-scale wealth management institutions including banks, trusts and insurance companies, the group provides programs under the themes of science, education, culture and heritage. While ensuring high quality teachers and courses, China Hi-Tech Group also focuses on the service quality and interactive experience that the programs provides for the institutions to help upgrade their services for high net value individuals.
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