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                University-Enterprise Cooperation
                Following the principle of “mutual benefit and win-win” and the concept of “1+N” industry-education integration, China Hi-Tech Group pushes forward university-enterprise cooperation model. In terms of joint establishment of institutions, China Hi-Tech Group and universities leverage their unique advantages to jointly establish new secondary colleges or build new secondary colleges on the basis of existing ones, and conduct all-around cooperation in forms of mixed management or trust operation. In terms of joint development of disciplines, the group cooperates with domestic universities, colleges and vocational schools to establish disciplinary systems of industrial robot technology, data science and big data, computer science and technology (artificial intelligence), covering talent cultivation planning, curriculum development, training system development, teaching faculty development, students internship and employment and infrastructure construction. Meanwhile, on the basis of ensuring quality employment for students, the group innovatively puts forward many teaching concepts that meet modern vocational education requirements, such as “fine cultivation and gradual education”, “practical teachings guided by employment”, “plan teachings on the basis of industry and job requirements” and “online and offline combined teaching model”, which have been adopted in the teaching, management and training processes.