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                Educational Investment
                China Hi-Tech Group focuses on venture investment in educational and scientific research, international schools and international cooperation in educational fields. With university shareholders’ resources and its advantages in social credibility and financial platform as a listed company, the group has expanded its businesses across the world (mainland China, Hong Kong, the United States, European, etc.) through M&A, venture funds of education to invest educational institutions and entities via various models.

                Degree-granting Education

                China Hi-Tech Group will upgrade the operation model of universities from "speed-first" to "quality-first" and develop them into schools and colleges of larger scale and higher level through means of M&A and investments in quality schools with outstanding disciplines or advanced management philosophy, as well as integration of production and education, university-enterprise cooperation and governmental training.

                Non-degree Granting Education

                By merging and acquiring education institutions and enterprises with outstanding performance, China Hi-Tech Group plans to promote business development by *** full use of “Internet+” cutting-edge technologies to enhance post-deal management and platform collaboration.